Coaching is a collaborative experience that can empower you by learning more about yourself, assessing how well you relate to others, and defining goals and actions that support your personal and professional development.

All coaching clients can expect to receive my full attention, deep listening, and insightful discussions about work and life situations, personal and career aspirations, and “blind spots” that can get in the way of achieving a desired goal. Coaching with me is a safe place to expand your self-awareness and develop personal insights about your goal and the actions you need to take to reach it.

I specialize in coaching clients in the fields of health and human services and higher education, though my coaching approach is broad enough to support the coaching aspirations of clients from other fields. I am especially effective with individuals who are new to coaching or are seeking coaching to develop their professional selves as they step into leadership.

I easily relate to and appreciate working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and life expressions. I am also grounded and comfortable in discussing the role of racial equity and inclusion in the workplace.


My coaching is informed by the principles of positive psychology, health & wellness, and wholehearted living and I adhere to the ethics and competencies of the International Coaching Federation.

Positive psychology focuses on positive emotions and enhancing personal strengths. Health & wellness principles help us recognize how thoughts, beliefs, and feelings impact the way we work and live. Wholehearted living focuses on the cultivation of courage, compassion, and connection to brave through life’s challenges.

I also offer assessments that give my clients the opportunity to more fully understand their values and talents and to learn how to leverage them to reach personal or professional development goals. Coaching is not therapy and does not carry the stigma some feel when seeking personal or professional advice or assistance.



Individual coaching sessions are offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the needs or desires of the client.


Group coaching sessions are offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to enhance team relationships or learn from others in similar professional roles or work settings.


Laser coaching sessions are shorter in duration and consist of one-on-one meetings offered on a one-time or time-limited basis.


Periodic or “tune-up” sessions with former clients on an as needed basis.

All coaching formats and coaching agreements are customized to the needs and time availability of the client. Coaching sessions are currently being offered via Zoom or by phone. My coaching fee is currently $250.00 per hour.


“Virginia is an excellent coach. She is insightful, empathetic and committed to the process. She helps guide you along in your journey with compassion and understanding.”

“I rate the quality of Virginia’s coaching services as excellent. Always on-time, adaptable, flexible especially since we are in different time zones.”

“Virginia’s coaching was focused, flexible, and highly effective in getting me to get the job done. She's an awesome coach!”

“Virginia saw in me what I never saw in myself. It helped to put my goals into clearer focus.”